Online Tests
for Recruitment

Tools: HoganSelect, EQ Report, Safety Report, Work Strengths Assessment, Sales Capacity Test, Swift Analysis Aptitude Test, etc.
  • Improves the efficiency of the internal recruitment process by assessing applicants' psychological traits, aptitudes, and even competencies using online assessment methods.
  • Efficiently screens out candidates who do not fit requirements.
  • Individual reports can be used as interviewing guides.
  • Can be administered independently by an internal team.

Online Assessments for
Potential Development

Tools: HoganDevelop, Hogan Business Reasoning Inventory, HoganLead, Safety Report, Wave Professional Styles, Sales Test, etc.
  • Uses online assessment tools to evaluate and develop internal leaders by measuring their business reasoning, leadership, sales behavior and other job-specific competencies.
  • Reports can also be used as developmental guides.
  • Uses group reports to enhance people development strategies.

360-Degree Leadership

A multi-rater assessment method that lets employees systematically rate themselves and be rated by others.
  • Helps individuals become aware of their performance as seen by their boss, peers and subordinates. When used in conjunction with our psychological assessments, individuals can reflect on any gaps between their potential and their actual performances as rated by others.
  • Benchmarked to Indonesian Norms: Our 360-degree feedback reports provide dual scores, actual ratings and their comparison with external norms.
  • Can be administered online or by paper and pencil.
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