If you can't measure it, you can't manage it. In human resource (HR) management, comprehensive metrics are crucial for developing and managing human potential.
Yet HR professionals face two problems in their work: good assessment tools are not always available, nor are they always easily obtained.

EXPERD strives to overcome these challenges in Indonesia by supplying clients with the best measurement tools available. After carefully considering a range of providers, we have chosen to partner with Hogan Assessment Systems and Saville Consulting, two world-class developers of assessment tools. Both specialise in creative, practical HR solutions to meet the needs of diverse organizations, and are as passionate as we are about delivering quality measurements to help businesses achieve their full potential.

Within Indonesia, we collaborate with large organizations, state-owned enterprises, corporations and many others who share our drive to be at the forefront of human resource development. We also liaise with local and global HR professionals and industrial-organizational psychologists, and remain committed to providing the gold standard of assessments for our clients.

With our decades of experience in human resource management in Indonesia, and our partnership with top industry professionals, EXPERD is able to flexibly mix and match tools to provide solutions which are both globally proven and locally valid. We work closely with our clients in the areas of recruitment, leadership development, and boosting performance to help you develop your business with our experience and passion.

For further information, please contact marketing@experd.com