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Case Studies

Assessment Center, Assessment Center and Mapping - Electronic Payment


This company, a leading provider of electronic payment solutions in Indonesia, continually seeks new ways to improve their products, services, systems and infrastructure. They approached EXPERD for assistance in upgrading the qualifications and experience of their human resources, so as to better meet the needs of business partners and consumers.


From 2008 until present, EXPERD has worked with this company to assess employee competency and boost efficiency at all levels, from the positions of Officer, Senior Officer and Manager all the way up to Vice President. In addition, EXPERD has mapped employees within the company to better match their positions against their personal competencies and interests. EXPERD has also provided employees with consultation sessions on how to improve their competencies, productivity and quality of work.


Human capital capacity in this company has increased in line with company goals. Mapping and placing employees was successfully achieved using results from EXPERD assessment and counselling. These activities helped the company maintain its position as market leader ahead of emerging competitors in Indonesia's electronic transaction services industry.

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