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Case Studies

Training - Organizational Development, Develop Job Profile of Mikro Kredit Sales and Mikro Mandiri Manager - Banking (Bank Mandiri)


In 2011, Bank Mandiri's small & micro business divisions grew rapidly. This growth was accompanied by network expansion in the form of 1,700 offices in all provinces and general development of human resources. At the time of writing, the number of Mikro Mandiri employees had passed 10.000, consisting of outsourced employees (± 9.500) as well as internal employees. Accordingly, all areas of human resource development required active improvement, from recruiting processes and placement to career development.

A crucial strategic step in Mikro Mandiri's development of its human resources was using job/success profiles as references for recruitment. Properly developed job/success profiles would optimize future employee recruitment and development.


    The solution developed by EXPERD included:
  • A research and data collection survey for profiling using the Job Evaluation Tool, focus group discussions, assessments, performance data and job analysis.
  • Development of key strategies to support Micro Mandiri in reaching its recruitment targets until 2014.
  • Creating a reference for finding the right candidates by identifying cutoff scores and key competencies.
  • Interview training for users and HR.
  • Preparing interview guidelines for use by interviewers and interviewees.
  • Providing suggestions and feedback on current training materials for further development.


EXPERD helped Mikro Mandiri 'shoot' the right man with greater precision, meet their targets for employee management and more fully develop their human resources. EXPERD also assisted in the creation of a standard, key competencies and interview guidelines based on profiling results that are specific to each job, and which will all be used in future employee selection/development.

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