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Hogan is a leading provider of personality-based assessment tools with nearly three decades of experience and an extensive network of global partners. Its products harness cuttingedge research to analyze the personality traits which predict workplace performance and organizational success, delivering world-class solutions to questions of leadership, development and recruitment.
Silega is a multinational training and consulting company which uses the Experiential Learning System to promote sustained learning in a variety of work environments. Their range of training programs includes effective coaching skills, executive workshops and business simulations, such as the highly popular Commander, Cold War, Pulse and Expedition programs used throughout the various business industry around the world.
Simdustry marries local and international expertise to deliver learning and development solutions geared to real-world business settings. They work closely with clients to create highly customized business simulations, enhance competencies and develop entrepreneurial mindsets grounded in day-to-day experiences, with bestselling products such as Simdustry: Strategic Business Simulation and SIMTalents: Strategic Talent Management.
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